Choreographic Mentorship


Applicants must be 18 years or over and enrolled in the Summer Intensive Program

With guidance from the faculty's resident choreographers, six aspiring choreographers will create their own work on other dancers in the program. These works will be shown to all of the faculty and students at the end of the session. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain new insight into the choreographer's perspective on the collaborative process.

Note: as all activity takes place in addition to, and following, an already extremely rigorous schedule, applicants should feel confident they have plenty of mental and physical stamina.

For more specific information, contact Student Services.


  1. A one-page essay addressing any one of the following topics:
    • Explain where your choreographic interest comes from.
    • Have you been inspired to create dance because of what and whose work you have seen? Or are you drawn from other sources?
    • How would you describe work that is original? What do you feel makes art relevant?
    • If you were to develop a course of study on 3 contemporary choreographers who are actively creating new works today, who would they be and why would you choose them?
    • Do you see yourself differently, or do you behave differently, when in the role of a dancer upon whom new work is being created as compared to when you are choreographing? Do you think as a choreographer?
  2. A link to an online video (accepted formats: Vimeo/YouTube) of 5-10 minutes duration which shows work you have choreographed within the past 12 months. This can be shot in any environment, studio, stage or other.

Send all materials to:

San Francisco Conservatory of Dance
Attention: Choreographic Residency
301 Eighth Street #205
San Francisco, CA 94103